My name is

Monique Dash

and I am a

Certified Life Coach.

Learn how to...

Effortless Morning Success

Revitalize your mornings with a vital, but simple, routine that will set your day up for success.

Write a Personal Manifesto

Discover the process I use every day to remind myself of my goals, actions and who I want to be.

I coach women to achieve their goals, overcome their obstacles and have the life of their dreams.

Find out how life coaching will uplevel your life.

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Mallory Emmert

When it came to moving forward towards my life purpose, I was stuck. I was holding myself back because of negative and destructive feelings - overthinking and having expectations of perfection. Monique helped me overcome these barriers by giving me the tools to examine what I wanted and how to get whatever that may be. With baby steps, I found myself gradually excelling from immobile to running. Still working on my sprint.

As a certified Health Coach, I mindfully make choices for my health and wellness daily. Working with Monique as my Life Coach has been one of the most beneficial of my choices; I am showing myself the love and self-care by hiring an expert for clarity and guidance. That choice has illuminated my desires and has led me to progress in manifesting my purpose, and in turn, it has boosted my overall wellbeing and productivity.


I'm going through a rough time with my relationship where I feel more isolated than usual. I was reaching out for a friend and got so much more. 

I had bĀ­een holding my feelings and emotions deep inside and needed the outlet that Monique provided. 

Now, I can express my feelings and give myself the self-care I need to move through my situation. I am committed to continuing this journey to acceptance.

Monique is extremely easy to talk with; her heart is light and open and you feel safe telling her anything.

It was just what I needed.

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Monique is a thoughtful and understanding coach. Her calm demeanor coupled with her ability to create a safe environment really allowed me to explore my situation with a true partner.

Monique had an incredible ability to ask empowering questions that made me consider my issues from a different perspective, thereby allowing me to move forward in a more positive manner.

She really helped me at a difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend her as a coach.

Anne Marie Moylan

I had some issues that I wanted help sorting out in my mind and was interested in coaching because I needed help with getting to the crux of the matter.

Coaching with Monique I realized for me Love is not a straight line and that I am a curly line; and I am okay with that. I let go of my desire to have a relationship and it reflects better than ever on me!

The experience was light and authentic. Monique is a keen listener and offers her skills through the liens of an observant personal witness.